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The Next-Generation Website: How RUNNER Helped A Texas-Based Nonprofit Establish the Web Presence It Deserves

When Fossil Rim Wildlife Center – an endangered species research and conservation center – announced it was in the market for a new website, the RUNNER team jumped at the chance to help the internationally known nonprofit. While the center is known worldwide as an essential partner in animal conservation, their old website was in no way able to support their cause in the capacity that was needed. So, once RUNNER was selected as the agency that would handle the new Fossil Rim website development project, we knew the possibilities were pretty much endless.

From beginning to end, all of RUNNER’s efforts involving strategy, branding and web development were intended to do one thing – bring awareness to Fossil Rim’s mission of animal conservation and education of the public on good stewardship of wildlife. Check out how we tackled all the pieces of this awesome project below.

Brand + Web Development Strategy

We know that simply creating a website as a stand-alone tool just doesn’t cut it. We needed to provide Fossil Rim with an all-encompassing web presence that would fully align with their overall marketing strategy. With that in mind, the primary goal of RUNNER’s partnership with Fossil Rim was to update their image, increase visibility and awareness, all while staying true to their already well-known branding.

Brand Strategy

Through extensive research and discovery, RUNNER got to know Fossil Rim like the back of our hands. Doing so allowed us to identify exactly what needed to be done in order to give the center the perfect tool to drive awareness and increase donations. Per our brand strategy process, we built upon the already well-established brand by bringing in a whole lot of fresh ideas and concepts. In doing this, we laid the groundwork for our web development strategy. Speaking of…

Web Development Strategy

When it came to building a website development strategy, Fossil Rim needed the ultimate tool that provided them with a solid, easy-to-use content management system that didn’t break the bank. Not only did the new site need to be beautiful and intuitive, it needed to cover a lot of bases. From blogging and housing an extensive amount of content about programs and species to promoting events and online donations – the site needed to be a one-stop shop for both the Fossil Rim team and visitors alike. Easy enough, right?

Eye-Catching Design

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of conceptualizing a new, eye-catching design we kept a couple things in mind. With an already recognizable brand, we couldn’t stray too far from what people had come to know; but at the same time, the site was in need of a hard refresh – while staying true to their mission, of course.

In terms of redesigning, www.fossilrim.org underwent a complete overhaul in all aspects. While keeping with the past branding guidelines, we upped the ante on visual greatness. From entirely new imagery, right down to specifically chosen fonts that match their tone and messaging, not a single move was made without strategic purpose.

Humble Brag: Not only did our redesign transform the center’s digital space, the new look is also being highlighted in Fossil Rim’s OOH advertising efforts, making its billboard debut in February of 2017.

User Experience

Creating the perfect user experience is never an easy feat. In the end, we wanted any and all site visitors to be able to instantaneously find exactly what they’re looking for on any and all device types. (Tip: If your site is not fully responsive, you’re doing it wrong.)

In the end, we conquered the user experience hurdle by completely reorganizing the center’s massive amount of information into an easy-to-access and easy-to-read format, incorporating a new menu and navigation (sayonara, sitemap!) and integrating a new online donation platform. All while keeping it feeling wild and fun – just like what the center stands for.

Okay, enough about us. Go check out the finished product! And hey, while you’re at it, why not consider giving back to an awesome cause?

If you’re interested in learning more about RUNNER and the ways we can help with your website development and inbound marketing needs, give us a shout.

Reagan Judd

Reagan is a marketing addict with nearly two decades of experience in business and marketing consulting for startups and growth-stage companies. An entrepreneur himself, Reagan founded the web development and SEO agency Envision Interactive in 2004 which later merged with DiveBomb Media to become RUNNER in 2014.

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