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Chris Lueking

Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist

Chris uses his experience in digital marketing, paid media planning, and campaign design to push the limits of online advertising for our clients. Chris is focused on developing campaigns that define success in terms of ROI, conversions, and real business goals. His aptitude for flexibility, creative writing, and market testing have supercharged RUNNER’s paid media offerings.

With over a decade of digital marketing experience, Chris is obsessed with the way people use the Internet to communicate, share, buy products, and follow brands. Studying these behaviors has led to deeper understanding of the online ecosystem and creative ideas that push the limits of what is possible online. Chris believes that a perfect digital marketing campaign is one that spans the gap between delightful engagement and trackable success.

When Chris isn’t masterminding digital marketing campaigns, he loves spending time with his wife, 3D printing new toys for his son, and exploring DFW with his family. Chris’ favorite topics include fantasy novels, Dungeons and Dragons, internet memes, and dad jokes.

Chris Lueking, Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist at RUNNER Agency

Some of Chris' Favorite Things







Vacation Spot

Green Bay


The Cosmere Series by Brandon Sanderson


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

School Subject

Media Planning

Life Subject

3D Printing and Desktop Manufacturing

Healthcare Strategic Video Shoot
Aesthetic practice device video shoot direction
Spine Center Marketing Photoshoot Direction
Medical Marketing Agency Brand Identity Design
Healthcare Medical Photoshoot Strategic Video Direction
Spine Practice Strategic Marketing and Lead Gen

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