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Make Your Messaging Stand Out With Empathy [Video]

While you may think your customers are making logical, rational decisions — it’s emotion that takes the lead. Learning to communicate with empathy is a skill most marketers struggle with. Do you talk about your brand, or the needs of your customer? Watch the video below to learn why you should lead with empathy in your marketing.

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Managing Your Online Reviews: Get More & Better Business Reviews [Video]

In our latest video, we peel back the layers of managing your online reviews. Discover why you should be using an online review management tool and how it can directly affect your company’s revenue. These tactics will help bring in more positive and less negative reviews. As an added bonus, you can also expect to see increased conversion rates, and (SEO) Search Engine rankings.

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Beyond Default Forms: Better Lead Generation Tactics [Video]

John and Chris discuss how important it is to move beyond the standard contact forms on your website to connect with prospects and bring in more leads—especially when it comes to connecting with prospective patients on healthcare websites.

Find out how we use custom assessments and conversational marketing in place of standard lead generation forms to create more value for the prospect and bring in more qualified leads for our clients.

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Actionable Branding: StoryBrand [Video]

In our latest weekly video, we discuss a foundational part of growing your business: working on your brand. Many branding exercises can be abstract and it’s often hard to understand how they directly affect your business. StoryBrand is different thanks to the actionable and easy to understand framework. Check out these top takeaways from Certified StoryBrand guide John Keehler, and learn how the seven key elements give brands the power to transform their business by making their customers the hero of the story.

Win deals and Save Money with the right CRM, RUNNER Agency, A Dallas Inbound Marketing Agency

Without a CRM, You’re Losing Deals and Wasting Marketing Dollars


Work Smarter and Win more Deals with the Right CRM Tool for Your Company


What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. And, CRM tools do just that. They allow you to maintain detailed records of your customers and potential customers, keeping all of their contact, opportunity (deal) and behavioral information in one location.

Within your CRM, you should be able to tell when Joe Smith first became a prospect,


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