Why We Became A HubSpot Partner Agency

When we set off on this journey toward creating remarkable inbound marketing campaigns, we knew that our keys to success would be our well-trained in-house team and our growth-focused, ambitious clients. But we knew it would take more than that. It would take good partners, reliable software, and smart processes and methodologies.

After researching and testing multiple marketing automation software solutions such as Marketo, SharpSpring, Act-On, and LeadFormix, to name a few, it became clear that the best fit for us— and the biggest benefit to our clients— is HubSpot.

5 Reasons Why We Became A HubSpot Partner Agency

Here are five reasons why we became a HubSpot partner agency.

  1. A Shared Passion for the Inbound Methodology

HubSpot invented the term “Inbound Marketing” in 2005 and built its entire company around the marketing philosophy that consumers don’t normally make buying decisions in one single motion, but rather in a series of different behaviors that culminate in a journey toward a purchase.

Their introduction of this term was incredibly timely. The digital marketing industry, at the time, was overly focused on technical SEO and methods to “trick” search engines into assigning them higher rankings. HubSpot’s simple but clear philosophy brought clarity back to the industry, reminding us all to focus instead on the customer’s needs by delivering relevant, high-quality content at the right time.

HubSpot’s philosophy resonated loudly with the RUNNER digital marketing team. After all, we’ve been hired countless times to clean up black hat SEO messes for our clients who were convinced to take shortcuts with their marketing strategy (sadly, often by misguided agencies).

Naturally, it was an easy choice to partner with a company that demonstrates an extraordinary amount of thought leadership.

For our Strategists like me, Lacy, Jen, and Jordan it was HubSpot’s consultative approach to digital marketing strategy development that we loved. Through working with my Channel Account Manager, Kevin, I learned to have more meaningful kickoff meetings with our customers.

By focusing on their real goals for leads and sales, we’re able to recommend tactics that will actually make a difference to the success of the company. We take our client through an Inbound Marketing Assessment as a first step towards drafting a 12-month marketing strategy that will yield positive results.

  1. Endless Educational Resources

We knew that becoming a great inbound marketing agency would require a strong commitment to learning in an ever-changing industry.

The insanely fast pace by which new tools, social networks, and terminology emerge is enough for any CMO’s head to spin.

And that’s true even for an agency like RUNNER. Our staff members devote a part of each day to reading the latest news in the digital marketing space, from Google’s algorithm updates to Facebook’s ever-changing ad targeting options.

The HubSpot staff helps us stay current with their tireless and unparalleled coverage of industry trends and changes, serving up a steady flow of educational content in the form of blogs, ebooks, videos, podcasts, and other channels. This enables our agency to stay up to speed with the latest studies, tools, and techniques. Now, the strategies and tactics we recommend to our clients are even better.

  1. Certification Programs and Training

HubSpot offers the Inbound Certification, the HubSpot Certification for learning the software itself, the Partner Agency Certification, and the Design Certification.

All of the members of the RUNNER team, including our interns, maintain an annual Inbound Certification through HubSpot Academy, requiring each one of us to stay current with the nuances of the inbound marketing methodology. This yearly certification requires 20 hours of video courses and a passing grade on a final exam.

The courses that HubSpot offers are far and away some of the best educational tools on the market, which we use to our (and our clients’) advantage.

  1. Networking at the Annual Inbound Conference

The Annual Inbound Conference held by HubSpot each year in Boston is an opportunity for marketers to flood into a week-long event to listen to speakers, discuss the latest trends and news, share ideas, and brainstorm and represent their company brand.

Our team will be attending this year to experience the conference first-hand and meet hoards of marketing professionals, talk nerdy to each other about inbound marketing, and listen to experts and distinguished guests in the field enlighten the inbound community with their wisdom. We know, you’re jealous.

With the networking and educational opportunities abound, this event will help contribute to our overall growth as a company.

  1. Great Software for Running our Clients’ Campaigns

We want to provide the best possible solutions for our clients, curtailed to their needs and goals. Being a HubSpot partner enables us to do that.

HubSpot publishes such a massive amount of helpful information to marketers that it’s easy to forget that they’re a marketing automation software company with an excellent product at their core.

Key HubSpot features include dynamic and personalized content, lead monitoring and data measurement, and exceptional landing page tools that help build a platform to encourage consumer action.

We can monitor all of the analytics in a streamlined, fluid process that shows us measurable results for our clients. From there, we produce reports that provide meaningful insights so our clients can see exactly how our efforts are contributing to their business goals (and their bottom line).

By having HubSpot’s proven methods and expertise in our DNA, we are exponentially more prepared to tackle some of the most difficult challenges digital marketing professionals face, and we can create the best strategies and consultations for the people who rely on us.

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Reagan Judd

Reagan Judd

Co-founder & CEO

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