Let us guess. You’re starting a new business? Your company has a new product/service and you aren’t sure how market it? Your competitors’ marketing efforts are overshadowing yours? Your once-shiny company brand has lost its luster, and you aren’t sure how to boost the image? RUNNER understands. We have these conversations daily with our customers, which is why we created our 360 branding process. Here’s how it works:

Our Brand Strategy Process

  • Discovery
    It starts with collecting all the inputs we can find from Company Stakeholders, Market Research, Customer Input, Brand History, Competitive Analysis, and Project Goals. Before we can move forward, we must understand where we’ve been.
  • Strategize
    Develop a mantra for the Project, taking cues from Discovery. We take you through our unique collaborative process, meant to inject some excitement and direction into the brand.
  • Craft the Message, Create the Look, and Choose the Channels.
    With a strategy in place, we identify ways to engage customers and deliver a unique value proposition.
  • Integrated Strategy.
    Here is where the hard work pays off. The Creative Strategy and Channel Strategy are combined to create Integrated Brand Strategy. This will be reflected everywhere – from the visual brand identity, website, and the Optimized Content Marketing techniques to paid advertising and direct marketing strategies.
  • Launch, Listen, & Learn.
    As guardians of your brand, our job continues after launching. We aim to watch the Strategy in action, measure results, and respond as needed. After all, it’s a marathon, not a race.

Branding Services Include:

  • 360 Brand Strategy
  • Name Generation
  • Visual/Corporate Brand Identity System
    • Logo design
    • Stationary and collateral design
    • Packaging design
  • Environmental Branding
    • Signage, vehicles, tradeshow, events & environments

How can an improved Brand benefit your business?

  • Brings clarity to your business goals and direction
  • Gives you an edge over your competition
  • Spurs employee motivation
  • Adds value to your company over time
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Works for you 24/7