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CQuentia, a fast-growing national leader in pharmacogenomic testing and analytics, brought RUNNER agency on board to help them more concisely communicate the value of their rather complex product & services through improved messaging (including testimonial videos) and a fresh website.
Heathcare Medical Website Development Agency Dallas
A well-executed pharmacogenomic testing and analytics program within a hospital system can dramatically improve patient care by allowing the entire team of physicians and medical professionals to access historic and genome-specific predictive medical information to make better-informed choices for patient care, leading to fewer negative drug reactions and more satisfied patients. Needless to say, the challenge CQuentia faced was being able to concisely communicate the value of their services to both the medical professionals who choose to implement the program, and to patients, who work directly with CQuentia to complete the testing process.
To address this, we took CQuentia through a StoryBrand Strategy session with CQuentia’s leadership team to ensure the story we were telling about CQuentia captured the essence of the company in this critical time of growth in the pharmacogenomic field and effectively communicated their differentiators and value to all of their targets: the high-level administrators of hospital systems, chief physicians, and the patients they treat.
Responsive Healthcare Website Development Dallas
RUNNER worked closely with the CQuentia marketing and sales teams to design and develop a new corporate website that is easy to navigate, clearly communicates CQuentia’s value to each of their 3 target consumers, and looks as advanced as they are.
Finally, we directed testimonial videos alongside one of our preferred partners, DHD Films, featuring a set of CQuentia’s lead physician partners to ensure other chief physicians understood that CQuentia is not only a reliable program implementation partner, but that their program fundamentally changes the hospital and healthcare systems they touch in a tangibly positive way.