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For a local fertility clinic, we completely refocused their messaging to be completely patient-focused. Instead of leading with photos of physicians and talking about their credentials, we developed empathetic messaging that spoke to the patient’s desire for a family and the emotions surrounding their fertility journey.
For our marketing campaign, we developed a three-stage media strategy. First, we attracted an audience with relevant search ads that focused on their needs and the local solution. Then, we retargeted those web visitors with social ads featuring photos and language that spoke directly to their end-goal — a healthy baby and growing family. Those were supported by ads encouraging sign-ups for an in-person event where they could ask questions about the complicated process from a fertility doctor.
After just 30 days, this campaign resulted in a 41% increase in website traffic from ads, using the same spend as the previous month. The website conversion rate also increased by 14%, with the only change being the change in messaging focus away from the doctor’s credentials and onto the patient’s wants and goals. The results weren’t only digital — the first month of this campaign also saw a 30% increase in new patient office visits at the clinic.

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dallas ivf detail work image 1
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