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The baddest cocktails in Deep Ellum

HIDE, a cocktail bar in Deep Ellum that quickly became known for its laid-back atmosphere and unique cocktails, teamed up with RUNNER to give their bar the best shot at success in a highly competitive nightlife and restaurant landscape. We rebuilt their website to create more natural SEO opportunities (not to mention a better user experience) and launched a top-of-mind social media advertising campaign to keep a steady stream of cocktail enthusiasts coming in the door.

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When HIDE brought RUNNER onboard, they were suffering from a wave of PR that got their story all wrong, and they were struggling to correct the dialogue. RUNNER retrofitted their existing brand with a fresh brand story, bringing the narrative back to their killer cocktails and the purpose of this whole endeavor: sharing their creations with their guests and setting them up to share something genuine with each other. They do, in fact, do things their own way there, and they invite their guests to make their own way, as well.

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With a fresh tagline and rich story to tell, HIDE has carried their new image through all customer touchpoints, from menus and social posts to website copy and PR work. RUNNER continues to advise on all facets of digital marketing, where necessary, and of course, continues to help HIDE keep “butts in seats”, so to speak, with fun, effective social media advertising to their target consumer.

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We have been working with Runner for several months now. They built our website and did a great job on that for us. In addition, they have done some excellent messaging and positioning work for us – very creative and spot on with what we need. We are soon to launch into a Facebook ad campaign in the New Year and given all the success we have had with Runner so far, I am sure the campaign will be a winner for us!
Mike Backlund
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