Whether you’re starting a business, launching a new product line, or completely rebranding your company, RUNNER’s Brand Identity Design services can give you a compelling brand that works hand-in-hand with your overall inbound marketing strategy.

Maybe your competitors’ marketing efforts are overshadowing yours, or your once-shiny company brand needs an image boost.  RUNNER’s experienced design team and creative strategic thinkers understand how to create a powerful, effective corporate identity for you.

RUNNER’s Brand Identity Design services include a full array of graphics and organizational tools:

  • Name generation
  • Company logo
  • Letterhead, business cards, and collateral design
  • Website images and photography
  • Packaging design
  • Event branding services
  • Brand communication guidelines

Step One: Audit

The process starts with a Brand Strategy meeting to take a look at your company’s current branding, explore and define the brand personality you want to communicate, and get all key stakeholders on board with the new brand vision.  Are you trying to be vibrant or dependable?  Do you provide specialty services, or mass-market products with a broad appeal? Who is your target customer/audience? It’s essential to make sure everyone agrees on the core brand principles.

Step Two: Create

RUNNER’s team of graphic artists, designers, and marketing creatives will work from the brand vision we defined to craft your core message and create the look. We’ll provide a complete graphic design system, including logo, photographs, and everything else that goes into the company’s overall look. We’ll also create brand guidelines to provide an internal documented structure of the approved images, colors, and fonts that are part of your new business identity.

Step Three: Communicate

Get the most out of your branding by getting the message out there. We’ll strategically choose the channels to most effectively communicate your unique value proposition to your customers.  RUNNER can develop a creative inbound marketing campaign that targets your potential customer base with relevant, branded content in the way they want to hear it.

Want to see some examples?  Take a look at our branding portfolio. Or to learn more about how to supercharge your company’s growth through expert branding, just get in touch.