Ads for Medical practices

Stop wasting money on ads that don’t attract qualified patients.

Let us show you how we get consistent, measurable leads for our healthcare partners with digital advertising.

Paid Media Management Agency for Healthcare

Reach the Right People on the Right Platforms

(with the right message)

We determine the right mix of medical ad platforms to reach your unique target audience and move them from a website visit to a qualified lead. Our “journey-aligned” approach means rather than blasting out a single message, we personalize our message to behavior.

Instagram Ads
Google Ads
Youtube Ads
TikTok Advertising Agency
Bing Ads

Take Advantage of Innovative Strategies

Get an edge on the competition by using the latest medical marketing strategies to increase conversion rates and find more qualified patient leads.

Our team has dozens of certifications from the top ad platforms that we use every day to bring in qualified patients to our clients, but nothing replaces the experience we’ve had in managing media for medical practices.

Forbes Agency Council 2020
Clutch Top Advertising and Marketing Agency 2019
Microsoft Adverstising
Top Dallas Digital Marketing Agencies

Results are Everything

Since 2008, RUNNER Agency has been creating and implementing results-focused digital marketing strategies for medical practices, clinics, and healthcare organizations.

Our journey-aligned approach to paid media is a proven process that has generated thousands of new patients and millions in revenue because it organizes around the experience of your target patient.

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Lead-to-office-visit conversion rate
0 %

25% of new patient leads become office visits.

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More Web Traffic
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41% increase in website traffic from ads, and a 14% conversion rate after 30 days and with no change in budget. 

Conversion Rate
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25% lead-to-office visit conversion rate.

Custom Landing Pages

Get great results faster with custom-designed landing pages for your ad campaigns. There’s no need to take on a full website redesign project, or upset your IT team by making changes to your existing website.

We use our extensive knowledge of ad quality scoring and conversion rate optimization to A/B test our way to killer ROI. 

Medical Practice Landing Pages for Paid Search Campaigns
Healthcare Paid Media Landing Page
LP Houston's Most Sought-After Spinal Cord Stimulator Experts - Quor Spine

Track Your Results with Real-Time Dashboards

With RUNNER’s paid media dashboards, you have the results of your paid media campaigns at your fingertips, day or night. 

While you always have full access to all of your ad accounts, we provide you with a real-time dashboard with aggregate performance data shown over time, so you’ll always know your ROI.

Paid Media Dashboard for Healthcare

Three Steps to Advertising ROI


Get Your Proposal

Request your free proposal by clicking below and telling us about your goals. We’ll have your proposal ready in 2 hours.


Launch Your Campaign

We’ll launch your campaign quickly, optimize it weekly and your results will be available via your real-time dashboard.


Get Results

See the results you deserve. Increased leads, higher quality leads and more revenue.

What you'll get in your free proposal:

  • Category and Competitive Insights
  • Unique Growth Plan with Milestones
  • Good/Better/Best Pricing
  • Optional Add-ons
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Instagram social media advertising for medical practices
Spine Center PPC Marketing Ad

What Our Customers Say

“Runner, our partner agency, has truly elevated our in-house team! They started strong with a comprehensive audit and have been an immense help in launching and optimizing campaigns. Working hand-in-hand with our internal stakeholders, they consistently deliver fantastic results. Sam, John, Marc, and the rest of the team have been delightful collaborators, and we’re excited for the bright future ahead.”
Landan Luna

Director of Digital Marketing
Encore Enterprises for Surepoint Emergency Centers

Picture of Lindsay Catalano, MBA, BSN, RN
Lindsay Catalano, MBA, BSN, RN

Chief Operating Officer
Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group (PREG)

“Our partnership with Runner has been amazing from start to finish! The responsiveness and collaboration with the Megan, our marketing strategist has provided us with insight and strategic marketing to enable us to stand out from our competitors! She really listens to and appreciates our ideas and truly partners with our team to make sure the marketing initiatives align with our vision.”
Picture of Adam J. Bruggeman, MD, MHA, FAAOS, FAOA
Adam J. Bruggeman, MD, MHA, FAAOS, FAOA

Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon & CEO
Texas Spine Care Center

“What I get out of this patient acquisition program is consistency. I know where my patients are going to come from, I know how they’re going to come in, and they’re going to be worked up in a way that is easy for us to work through in clinic.”
Picture of Vance Wells, MBA
Vance Wells, MBA

Former President
North American Spine

“The team at RUNNER is highly knowledgeable and skilled at planning and executing digital marketing strategy. They are also strongly focused on providing the best possible service to their customers. I would (and often do) recommend them to physicians and health care business owners looking to grow their business quickly and efficiently.”
Picture of Maureen Kelly, MD
Maureen Kelly, MD

Society Hill Reproductive Medicine

“We celebrated our one year anniversary working with Runner this month and we are delighted to have found them. They recommended and instituted some highly successful marketing endeavors this year which have had very positive results for us. Megan is a delight to work with – professional, experienced, creative and a real problem solver. I cannot recommend the whole team highly enough.”
Picture of Micah Lynch
Micah Lynch

VP of Operations
Encore Enterprises for Surepoint Emergency Centers

“RUNNER has been a dream to work with for our Surepoint ERs and our corporate team! They are confident, honest, knowledgeable, and determined to bring you results. They have over 16+ years of medical marketing and patient acquisition experience and it has made a HUGE impact in our business. I work with several of the team members and I love each one of them. We are looking forward to seeing more growth with them as a partner. Highly recommend :)”


How much do you charge to manage ads?

Our pricing is very competitive for the industry. We charge a fixed management fee plus a percentage of your ad spend each month to cover ad management, landing page creation, optimization, and reporting.

How long are your contracts? Will I be locked in?

We have a three month minimum to cover our startup and strategy costs. After that, you can cancel anytime with a 30 day notice. No penalties. 

What happens to my ads, ad accounts, and landing pages if I leave?

They’re yours forever. We’ll simply hand back your accounts, or export them for you to import into your own. 

Digital Advertising Platforms for Healthcare

Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Search engines like Google and Bing offer incredible opportunities to connect with patients seeking care. But these platforms are best managed by a professional advertising team like RUNNER.

Want to develop a strategic plan that provides a positive return on ad spend (ROAS)? We'll guide you toward success.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising your services on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest is an incredible way to build brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads.

They keys to success are well-designed ads, timely ad display, and precise targeting. We'll show you how it's done.

Programmatic & Display Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a more sophisticated ad tactic that includes automating the buying and selling of ad inventory in real-time through an automated bidding system.

It includes display ads, video ads, social ads, audio ads, native ads, and digital out of home (OOH).

Native Advertising

Native ads usually blend with the content of the environment they're on (web page or mobile app, for example) to feel...native. Some examples are in-article ads that you see on a publisher website or a sponsored content ad.

While these ad types can generously drive traffic to your website, they require strategic planning by an expert to fit in with your global advertising strategy.

Video Advertising

Use the memorable power of video to reach your prospects with quick, targeted video pre-roll messages on Youtube or other visual ad platforms.

Connected TV Advertising

Take your sophisticated targeting campaigns into the homes and hearts of your prospects with connected TV advertising, combining the smart targeting available online with the legitimizing effects of TV.

Leave the....

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Stop wasting money on advertising that doesn't attract new patients.

Paid media is too often opaque, confusing and you can’t tell whether it’s working or not.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Partner with us to grow your healthcare business with intelligent paid media advertising that attracts the right patients at the right time with the right messaging.

Our award-wining advertising team is ready to bring you leads.

RUNNER’s team of media strategists have years of experience with the unique challenges of marketing in the healthcare industry. We’ve seen clients scale dramatically in both size and revenue based on the data-driven insights and results we generate for them. 

Not only that, we like to think we’re pretty fun to be around, for a bunch of nerds.

What Our Clients Have to Say

What You Can Expect From Us

Fanatical Service

  • We work hard to deeply understand our clients’ businesses and objectives.

  • We’re happy to educate and share our expertise.

Complete Transparency

  • Your ad accounts and landing pages are yours – we don’t lock you out, even if you leave us.

  • We’re always honest with our clients. We report the results – good or bad.

  • We’ll show you what we’re working on and what’s coming up next.

Constant Testing & Optimization

  • We’re proactive about testing new creative, bid strategies, keyword ideas, and more.

  • We take small, calculated risks by testing new ideas.

  • We make recommendations and decisions based on data.

Smarter Work

  • We regularly collaborate and share the latest ideas.

  • We develop an ever-expanding arsenal of tools to increase efficiency.

  • We stay ahead of the curve by reading the latest books, blogs, and news in the industry. 

Let's GROW your healthcare company.

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