Pay Per Click Advertising for Healthcare

Attract more patients – faster – with paid search ads on Google and Microsoft Ads (Bing).

We’ve managed millions in healthcare pay-per-click advertising, and we want to use our experience to your advantage.

What is PPC advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising for businesses in the healthcare space focuses on text ads on search engines such as Google and Bing. When a prospective patient that’s in the right geographic area searches the internet for a keyword related to your services, your ad will appear.

Using PPC advertising, we can put your ad in front of qualified people who are searching for you, your brand, or service you offer.

It can also be used for brand protection. Because, if you are not showing up in your patient’s searches, one of your competitors certainly is.

Why should medical practices use PPC?

When a patient needs information or help solving a problem, they turn to the internet. They are using search engines like Google and Bing to find answers to questions about everything from symptoms to surgeons in their area.

PPC advertising for healthcare businesses means that your ad will be shown to potential patients and leads when they need you most — when they are doing research about their conditions, looking for a surgeon, trying to find an appointment opening, or simply looking for more information on a specific procedure that you offer.

Our Pay Per Click Ad Management Services

PPC strategies created by RUNNER would play a specific role in a larger digital marketing strategy. You can count on our team providing you with a variety of services:

  • keyword research and valuation
  • targeting strategy (position, geography, device)
  • campaign structure
  • ad schedule optimization
  • budget planning
  • creative assets and ad copy

What Our Customers Say

“Runner, our partner agency, has truly elevated our in-house team! They started strong with a comprehensive audit and have been an immense help in launching and optimizing campaigns. Working hand-in-hand with our internal stakeholders, they consistently deliver fantastic results. Sam, John, Marc, and the rest of the team have been delightful collaborators, and we’re excited for the bright future ahead.”
Landan Luna

Director of Digital Marketing
Encore Enterprises for Surepoint Emergency Centers

Picture of Lindsay Catalano, MBA, BSN, RN
Lindsay Catalano, MBA, BSN, RN

Chief Operating Officer
Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group (PREG)

“Our partnership with Runner has been amazing from start to finish! The responsiveness and collaboration with the Megan, our marketing strategist has provided us with insight and strategic marketing to enable us to stand out from our competitors! She really listens to and appreciates our ideas and truly partners with our team to make sure the marketing initiatives align with our vision.”
Picture of Adam J. Bruggeman, MD, MHA, FAAOS, FAOA
Adam J. Bruggeman, MD, MHA, FAAOS, FAOA

Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon & CEO
Texas Spine Care Center

“What I get out of this patient acquisition program is consistency. I know where my patients are going to come from, I know how they’re going to come in, and they’re going to be worked up in a way that is easy for us to work through in clinic.”
Picture of Vance Wells, MBA
Vance Wells, MBA

Former President
North American Spine

“The team at RUNNER is highly knowledgeable and skilled at planning and executing digital marketing strategy. They are also strongly focused on providing the best possible service to their customers. I would (and often do) recommend them to physicians and health care business owners looking to grow their business quickly and efficiently.”
Picture of Maureen Kelly, MD
Maureen Kelly, MD

Society Hill Reproductive Medicine

“We celebrated our one year anniversary working with Runner this month and we are delighted to have found them. They recommended and instituted some highly successful marketing endeavors this year which have had very positive results for us. Megan is a delight to work with – professional, experienced, creative and a real problem solver. I cannot recommend the whole team highly enough.”
Picture of Micah Lynch
Micah Lynch

VP of Operations
Encore Enterprises for Surepoint Emergency Centers

“RUNNER has been a dream to work with for our Surepoint ERs and our corporate team! They are confident, honest, knowledgeable, and determined to bring you results. They have over 16+ years of medical marketing and patient acquisition experience and it has made a HUGE impact in our business. I work with several of the team members and I love each one of them. We are looking forward to seeing more growth with them as a partner. Highly recommend :)”

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