Inbound Marketing for Medical Practices

The digital marketing patients actually want.

A Systematic Approach to Building Your Patient Acquisition Pipeline

When you sign up for inbound marketing with RUNNER Agency, you get strategic planning and full set up for campaigns to drive traffic, generate leads, and convert into patients. Plus, in-depth reporting and analysis. It’s a patient-generating engine that can quickly become the foundation of your business model.

The best part? Unlike traditional advertising, inbound marketing has a compounding effect on your return on investment. Start your assessment today with a free consultation.

What is Inbound Marketing for Healthcare?

Here at RUNNER, we’re not fans of buzz words or industry jargon used to confuse the unsuspecting. (When was the last time you heard “synergy” and didn’t want to run the other way?) It would be easy to deem inbound marketing as another one of these industry phrases that will run its course over the next few years.

But inbound marketing is more than a mouthful of vernacular to get you to cough up cash in the name of the vanity metrics and hashtags. It’s a proven strategy that outperforms traditional (interruptive) marketing every time. So what is it?

Inbound marketing is an organic methodology that attracts patients to your business when they need you most. The key here is not demanding a patient’s attention but creating content that they would actively look for in a given situation. In traditional marketing, you approach the patient; with inbound marketing, the patient comes to you.

Inbound Marketing is attracting patients to you online by providing valuable content that they need or want, converting those prospects to leads with premium content, and nurturing those prospects with marketing automation efforts until they are ready to make an appointment or engage with your business. The keyword here is inbound. They come to you, and they do it by choice. It’s marketing that patients actually like.

Getting Started With Inbound Marketing For Your Medical Practice

More words do not equal more blog readers. More posts on Facebook do not equate to more followers. More email campaigns do not mean more patients. At RUNNER, we know that a slew of hasty actions does not hit revenue goals. That’s why we spend time on the things that actually matter, like your inbound marketing strategy. 

The inbound marketing strategies our team of medical marketing experts create are custom to your business. Getting started with inbound marketing begins with an assessment of your current website, internal capabilities, and existing marketing efforts — all at no cost to you. You can start your assessment today with a free consultation or learn more about our process.

What Our Clients Have to Say

With Inbound Marketing The Patient is in Control

It’s getting harder and harder for healthcare businesses to reach potential patients using traditional efforts like print advertising, TV, or radio. These methods are now perceived as obtrusive, and sometimes even dishonest, simply because they are showing up in mailboxes uninvited. Never mind the fact that traditional channels like print, radio, and TV are expensive and time-consuming. 

People want to trust who they are relying on for their healthcare. They want a credible, helpful, trustworthy businesses to diagnose and treat them, and arguably more important, but have access to their private medical information and personal data.

Inbound Marketing Services for Healthcare Organizations

Practice Marketing Method

This is our premier, all-inclusive program designed to create efficient, sustainable, and tangible growth for our medical practice clients.

Marketing Strategy Workshops

Our experienced strategists spend one day in a room with your leadership to map your growth plan.

Patient Contact Center

Relieve your front office staff from the sales burden so they can focus on the day-to-day of your practice. Our experienced Patient Advocates will handle lead qualification, preliminary MRI or assessment reviews, appointment setup, and more.

Search Engine Optimization

When considering online rankings, every last bit helps. Make sure the foundation of your digital presence is solid with strategic on-site SEO to help you be found online when it matters.

Review Management

Know when new reviews are posted and be able to respond to them quickly and efficiently.

Strategic Video Production

Bring your message to life and build trust with your prospective patients or customers with strategic videos that not only look great - they're designed to get new patients in the door.

Citation Management & Local SEO

We'll help you ensure all citations and map listings across the internet have up-to-date contact information for your practice. No long term contract required.

Email Marketing

Increase your new patient leads and the lifetime value of each patient with effective email marketing campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you throwing money out the window? Make more of the traffic you already get by optimizing the user experience to convert more search traffic into patients.

Content Marketing

Establish your expertise, earn patient trust, and build long term online value with thoughtful content that answers your patients' questions and establishes long lasting credibility with search engines. ​

Ready to Grow Your Practice?

Speak with one of our experienced medical marketers to see how we can help you meet (and even exceed) your growth goals.