Inbound Marketing for Medical Practices

The digital marketing patients actually want.

A Systematic Approach to Building Your Patient Acquisition Pipeline

When you sign up for inbound marketing with RUNNER Agency, you get strategic planning and full set up for campaigns to drive traffic, generate leads, and convert into patients. Plus, in-depth reporting and analysis. It’s a patient-generating engine that can quickly become the foundation of your business model.

The best part? Unlike traditional advertising, inbound marketing has a compounding effect on your return on investment. Start your assessment today with a free consultation.

What is Inbound Marketing for Healthcare?

Here at RUNNER, we’re not fans of buzz words or industry jargon used to confuse the unsuspecting. (When was the last time you heard “synergy” and didn’t want to run the other way?) It would be easy to deem inbound marketing as another one of these industry phrases that will run its course over the next few years.

But inbound marketing is more than a mouthful of vernacular to get you to cough up cash in the name of the vanity metrics and hashtags. It’s a proven strategy that outperforms traditional (interruptive) marketing every time. So what is it?

Inbound marketing is an organic methodology that attracts patients to your business when they need you most. The key here is not demanding a patient’s attention but creating content that they would actively look for in a given situation. In traditional marketing, you approach the patient; with inbound marketing, the patient comes to you.

Inbound Marketing is attracting patients to you online by providing valuable content that they need or want, converting those prospects to leads with premium content, and nurturing those prospects with marketing automation efforts until they are ready to make an appointment or engage with your business. The keyword here is inbound. They come to you, and they do it by choice. It’s marketing that patients actually like.