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Addiction Treatment Marketing

Addiction treatment center marketing is nuanced and delicate. It must be handled with tact and a well-thought-out strategy. You’ll need a partner who understands specializes in the complex needs of addiction treatment and detox center marketing, like RUNNER Agency.

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We understand where addiction marketing is going, because we know where it's coming from.

The addiction treatment and detox center industry is growing fast and federal regulations like Affordable Care Act (ACA) are helping make addiction treatment more accessible. Before the ACA, addiction treatment was largely cash pay, and patients primarily found these centers through referrals from counselors, hospitals, churches and even the court system.

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act changed everything. It offered a significant expansion of substance use disorder and mental health coverage under Health Insurance Marketplace plans, plus many individual and small employer health insurance plans. This means more people can now seek addiction treatments and detox services. This also means they have more centers to choose from, making differentiating your brand critical in attracting patients.

Patients – and loved ones of patients – have pivoted from relying on referrals to prioritizing online research to learn everything about you brand. They are also looking for information about you, your center, your treatment programs and methodologies, reviews from others who have been through your program, success rates, and more. And you need to deliver this in a strategic way.

To attract more patients and grow your business, you need a digital presence that elevates you above the noise. You need RUNNER Agency.

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We understand you work hard to run your healthcare organization or medical practice, and we think you deserve a practice that is more profitable, efficient, and stable.

RUNNER has a long history of proven results using leading-edge digital marketing strategies and tools to grow your addiction treatment center.

Practice Right Websites Medical Websites

Medical Practice Websites

Build exposure and generate new patient inquiries with RUNNER’s Practice Right Website. Our team will build a website for you that positions your pain management clinic as the guide your patients are seeking.
Front Office Helper Blue

Front Office Helper™ CRM

Generate more inquiries and track them to a paid appointment with our HIPAA-compliant patient tracking platform. Your front office can chat with patients via Email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram and Google Business Page.
Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Our team will create custom ad campaigns based on your practice’s current capacity and goals. We’ll help you connect with patients on Google, Facebook, Tik Tok, or other platforms.
Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Show your expertise, differentiate your practice, and bring in more new patient inquiries with video. RUNNER has two amazing video options to help you build video content to use in your marketing campaigns.
Google Optimization

Google Business Page Optimization

We optimize your most valuable local business listing to ensure you stand out amongst other practices. RUNNER will keep your business fresh with regular content posts, photos, and more.
Email + SMS Campaigns Gold

Email & SMS Marketing

Re-engage your previous patients and stay top-of-mind with promotional marketing campaigns sent to their inboxes and phones. No ad spend required.
Content Marketing Gold

SEO & Content Marketing

Educate patients and showcase your expertise with high quality, unique, search-optimized blog post content for your website.
Local Listing Gold

Local Listings

Boost your online presence and local SEO instantly by optimizing over 100 of your local listings across the web. Even better than that, we do it for you.

Reviews Manager

Our platform helps you collect more 5 star reviews on Google and address unhappy patients before they become bad reviews.
Social Media Posting Blue

Social Posting

Connect with more patients and build your brand credibility on Facebook & Instagram with fresh, reliable content.

Why Choose RUNNER Agency for your addiction treatment or detox center marketing?

The field of addiction treatment has undergone massive change over the past few years. Your marketing needs to change with it.

As society becomes increasingly complex, so does addiction. Factors like stress, economic insecurity, physical or emotional pain, increased prescription drug use, and more contribute to a rise in need for addiction recovery services. While insurance coverage has expanded to help more people get treatment, competition among providers remains fierce and more and more providers are opening new centers across the country.

When you combine this increasingly competitive market with complexities like LegitScript and HIPPA, plus the clear yet empathetic way in which addiction treatment should be discussed, you can see why you need a partner who understands healthcare marketing.

RUNNER Agency specializes in healthcare marketing with a focus on addiction treatment and detox center marketing. We help put your center in front of the right people, at the right time using proven strategies that give your patients what they want while focusing on the things that are actually going to impact your growth goals.

Start with a free one-hour addiction treatment or detox center marketing strategy consultation.

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