Video Production for medical practices

Video is engaging, easy to consume, entertaining, and highly shareable, so it’s easy to understand why consumers like it.

We know from experience that well-executed video can have a dramatic impact on new patient lead generation and ROI when combined with a thoughtful marketing strategy.

Aesthetic practice device video shoot direction

The time for video is now.

Video was once a cost-prohibitive vanity project, but that day is long gone.

Now, with the dramatic increase in consumer video consumption, video is a critical tactic in the most successful companies’ portfolios to quickly communicate value or influence a purchase in a memorable way.

Whether you need a feature brand video, a small set of explainer videos, campaign creative videos, a set of customer testimonial videos, or any number of other video types… we’ve got you covered.

Our approach to video production:

Our clients are spread across the country and have diverse needs, so we hand-select the best-in-class video production companies to work with, and choose the best partner for each job based on our client’s industry, budget and goals. 

Our goal is to produce standout video content that aligns with your marketing strategy to help your marketing dollars go further, faster.

RUNNER takes the lead in concepting, planning, scripting and storyboarding strategically-sound videos that are designed with a specific job in mind — whether that’s to build trust, inform, influence a purchase, or create demand — then sees the process through by being on-set directing the shoot, overseeing editing, and delivery of the finished product to you.

Medical and Healthcare Video Production

What can video do for your practice?

  • Clarify your message.
  • Show authority.
  • Build trust.
  • Solidify social proof.
  • Underscore legitimacy.
  • Differentiate your brand.
Use it on your website, for lead generation, and as content for engaging, high-converting social media ads.

Put video to work for your practice.

Healthcare Medical Photoshoot Strategic Video Direction

Some Recent Work

We love creating videos that impact our clients’ bottom line and help them to make more meaningful connections with their customers. Check out some of our recent work below:

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