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Get more customer reviews, get found online, and attract more new patients with RUNNER’s online review management service.

Review Management for Medical Practices

Wondering if Online Reviews really matter for your practice? Recent statistics about the patient-healthcare experience are proving what we’ve known for a long time: reviews play a huge role in both new patient acquisition and patient retention.

Consider a few of these incredible statistics:


So, it’s easy to see that reviews in healthcare matter, and they are here to stay. Patients are in control of their healthcare choices more than ever, and they are attracted to providers with lots of 5-star reviews. To succeed in practice, you’ll need lots of positive online reviews to impress new potential patients.

RUNNER can help your practice get more reviews using our Reviews Manager platform.

Increase traffic & visibility from top review sites:

One dashboard to manage your medical practice reviews

Acquire more Reviews with the right platform.

Monitor and respond to your reviews on a single dashboard you can access form anywhere.

  • Collect more 5-star reviews – easy for your staff and the patient!
  • Send review requests via email or SMS
  • Helps keep negative reviews off Google
  • Keep feedback coming into the practice
  • Address issues with patients before they complain on a review website
  • Increase traffic to your site by impressing potential patients with LOTS of reviews
  • Build trust with patients, before they arrive at their first appointment
  • Increase new patients
  • Give revenue a boost

Send review requests via text or email.

Most patients will choose to receive text messages, but some may prefer to receive their review request via email. Either way, our platform helps you send review requests one with one simple click.

If the patient forgets to leave a review, our platform will send a polite reminder after a few days.

This gentle persistence is key to building the volume of reviews your practice needs to stand out.

Review Management Alerts on your phone when new patient reviews come in
review management dashboard for medical practices

Create a feedback opportunity for patients.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned for your patients. Perhaps the wait was too long, they had an issue with billing, or they didn’t like the provider they met with.

Instead of leaving it to chance that a patient might submit a negative review online, our Reviews Manager will help you collect feedback about their issue. The feedback comes to your office, and you can take action as-needed, turning unhappy patients into happy ones.

You’ll be improving the operations of your practice, and encouraging employees to treat patients with the extraordinary care they are expecting to receive.

Patients rely on reviews to make decisions about healthcare.


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