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RUNNER Agency is a medical marketing agency serving practices throughout the US.

RUNNER Agency is a proven partner for growth.

Since 2008, RUNNER Agency has been creating and implementing strategy-driven, results-focused marketing programs for medical practices looking to get more patients.

We have developed proven strategies for practice growth that have generated thousands of new patients and millions in revenue.

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Build a thriving organization.

Here’s the problem: nearly every medical practice is wasting a ton of time and money on the wrong marketing plans (and partners) for their growth goals. They are stagnant — stuck in the same place, year after year, seeing the same patients come in from the same outdated referral sources.

We know how frustrating it is for doctors who don’t have the right plan, people, or processes in place to get more patients in the door in a meaningful way.  That’s why we’ve created a totally unique agency model that leverages our focus on medical practice marketing to help practices like yours succeed and meet your growth goals.

Award Winning Medical Marketing Agency
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How We Work

At our core, we’re a digital marketing agency. 

But we’re more than that.

We’re agile, creative, and strategic medical marketing experts who are committed to helping health care businesses attract and convert patients to reach their growth goals. Within our ideal client relationships, we function more like an extension of your in-house team rather than an agency that you only hear from once-a-quarter.

In fact, we’ve been in and around so many medical offices that some of our team members are pretty sure they could perform surgery on a herniated disc, too. . . but, don’t worry, we’ll stick with marketing for now.

Clients Who Trust Us

From single-owner start-up medical practices and national  franchises, we apply the same level of expertise and dedication to each of our practices in order to help them achieve their aggressive patient growth goals.

What We Believe

1. The internet is the primary tool that patients use to make health care decisions.

It’s 2020, and traditional directory advertising and referral networks will not bring in the volume of patients that you need to achieve your goals. Your prospective patients are using the internet, right now, to do their own research about their health, including doctors, hospitals, conditions, and treatments. You need a marketing program that makes sure they find you before they find your competitor.

2. Your marketing strategy should influence every interaction between your patients and your practice. 

Our highest-level marketing program is a two-pronged approach to accelerating practice growth — we combine targeted internet marketing with a patient coordination call center. By bringing these two things together, we can confidently offer practices a higher-velocity approach to gaining new patients that ensures consistent, relevant messaging from the consideration phase to actually booking an appointment.

3. Good marketing requires a two-way relationship, not a vendor service.

We want to work with you to define and articulate your company’s goals, then create strategies to knock those goals out of the park. Our best and longest-lasting client relationships are the result of our work to earn our clients’ business month after month by providing a strong, measurable return on their investment with us. Information needs to be shared in both directions in order for both of us to succeed.

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