RUNNER is a 15-year-old digital marketing agency. RUNNER creates and implements strategy-driven, results-focused inbound marketing programs. We’ve provided cutting-edge branding, inbound marketing and web development services to hundreds of clients in virtually every industry, from healthcare to e-commerce to fine dining. We’re excited about connecting with new companies and building brands with proven marketing methods that we know get results.

Since 2004, RUNNER has remained on the forefront of marketing strategy, in tireless pursuit of strategies that help our clients reach their goals. We love to talk about inbound marketing. And, there’s some other things you should know about us:

We believe that Inbound Marketing is the most effective way to grow your business.

Traditional advertising alone doesn’t cut it anymore. The businesses that thrive today are the ones that create lasting consumer relationships through great messaging and intelligent targeting. RUNNER exists to provide our clients with the resources to make that happen.

We believe in the power of a complete Inbound Marketing Strategic Plan.

You can’t expect results from a stand-alone Pay Per Click ad campaign, or an isolated social media push disconnected from other efforts. Inbound marketing has the power to be a fantastically effective growth strategy, but only when each initiative is an interconnected part of a carefully designed comprehensive plan.

We believe in being your trusted marketing partner.

RUNNER uses a unique goal-oriented consultative approach to build lasting partnerships with our clients. We work with you to define and articulate your company’s goals and then create strategies to knock those goals out of the park.  We believe in a long-lasting, tightly-knit relationship between client and agency. We earn our clients’ business month after month because we consistently provide a strong, measurable return on their investment with us.

Are you ready to grow?

We have the tools and knowledge to jump-start your business’s growth with powerful inbound marketing strategies. Contact us now and we’ll get started with a free assessment of your current marketing plan.

Clients we’ve worked with.

We’ve had the immense pleasure of working with many great brands over the years. We are ecstatic that they consider us their marketing partner.

A list of Runner's clients