Medical Practice Marketing

Digital marketing agency for medical practices looking for aggressive growth.

We know how frustrating it is for medical and healthcare decision-makers who don’t have the right plan, people, or processes in place to acquire more patients in a meaningful way. That’s why we’ve created a totally unique agency model that leverages our experience in the health care marketing space in order to help businesses like yours succeed and meet your growth goals.

A few medical practices we've helped grow.

Texas Spine Care Center
Westside Aesthetics
Integrated Spine Institute
International Spine and Sports Institute

Do you have a medical marketing agency you can trust to grow your practice?

  • Is your practice as  profitable as it could be?
  • Are you too reliant on referrals to gain new patients?
  • Do you know if your marketing works?
  • Do you struggle to attract new patients?
  • Are you attracting the right kind of patients?
  • Are your competitors more visible than you?

Talk to a medical practice marketing expert

RUNNER Agency is a proven partner for medical practice growth.

Quality patient leads, practice growth, no-nonsense marketing. It’s what we do.

When you partner with a specialized medical practice marketing agency, you get more than just campaigns and advertising jargon. You get a team of experienced health care marketing experts who are obsessive about driving growth for your medical practice.

More Office Visits

Better Qualified Patients

Increased Revenue

Medical Marketing is Our Bread & Butter.

We understand you work hard to run your medical practice. We think you deserve a practice that is more profitable, efficient, and stable. 

RUNNER has a long history of proven results as a medical practice marketing firm, using leading-edge digital marketing strategies and tools to acquire more patients for your practice. 

Practice Marketing Method

This is our premier, all-inclusive program designed to create efficient, sustainable, and tangible growth for our medical practice clients.

Digital Advertising

To achieve predictable patient flow quickly, you need to reach new patients through targeted advertising. Our medical practice advertising team will will devise a strategy customized for your patient acquisition goals within paid search, social media, and more.

Patient Contact Center

Capture every phone call, book more pre-qualified office visits, improve efficiency, and reduce the strain on your front office with our Patient Advocates on your side.

Inbound Marketing

A successful patient acquisition plan requires varied sources of qualified patient leads. "Inbound Marketing" includes all the organic tactics, like SEO, Content, Social Media, Reputation Management, and more.

Website Development

Build a website that converts visitors into patients, not just one that is pretty. Patients are looking for educational content, helpful tools, and a smooth user experience.

Branding & Messaging

Make your medical practice stand out with a great-looking brand identity, custom website, beautiful photography, and — most importantly — a clear, consistent message.

What makes us different?

We’ve worked with a lot of healthcare organizations, and we know how frustrating it is when you don’t have the right plan, people, or processes in place to improve your businesses in a meaningful way. 

That’s why we’ve created a totally unique agency model that leverages our deep experience in patient acquisition marketing to help businesses like yours succeed and meet your growth goals.

We don’t just give you campaigns and advertising jargon. When you partner with RUNNER, you’ll have a team of experienced healthcare marketing experts working for you and driving qualified patients toward your medical practice. 

Forbes Agency Council 2020
Clutch Top Advertising and Marketing Agency 2019
Microsoft Adverstising
Hubspot Gold Certified Agency Solutions Partner
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Measurable Practice Growth is 3 Steps Away


Evaluate Your Medical Practice

We want to hear about your past challenges, your current processes, and your future plans. Discuss every aspect of your business and set goals with a marketing expert (that’s us).


Establish Your 90-Day Plan

Work with us to plan out the next quarter of marketing initiatives and gain new branding, messaging, and digital strategies to generate patient leads.


Implement & Grow the Practice

As your digital presence improves and your internal processes streamline, you’ll experience the GROWTH your expertise deserves — without wasted resources of time or money.

Proven Results in Healthcare Marketing

Jenkins NeuroSpine Team
Jenkins NeuroSpine logo
0 %
Converison Rate

25% lead-to-office-visit conversion rate.

Dallas IVF Fertility Center
Dallas IVF logo
0 %
More Web Traffic

41% more qualified website traffic with no change in ad spend.

Dr. Bruggeman of Texas Spine Care Center
Texas Spine Care Center Logo
0 %
Conversion Rate

25% of new patient leads become office visits. 

What Our Clients Have to Say

Asset 3

What I get out of this patient acquisition program is consistency. I know where my patients are going to come from, I know how they’re going to come in, and they’re going to be worked up in a way that is easy for us to work through in clinic.”

Adam J. Bruggeman, MD, MHA

board-certified orthopedic surgeon & CEO

Texas Spine Care Center

Ready to Grow Your Medical Practice?

Speak with one of our experienced medical marketers to see how we can help you meet (and even exceed) your growth goals.