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The fertility practice had a cookie-cutter website that felt outdated and offered no clear differentiation in a highly competitive space. 

More importantly, they were spending money on marketing each month with little insight into performance or the impact on their business.

Our first step was to take them through a StoryBrand Work Session to clarify their brand messaging and we applied it to a redesign of the homepage.

Next, we defined key performance indicators (KPIs) for the business and implemented call tracking and additional tracking needed to understand marketing performance and the impact on the business.

Lastly, we took over their Paid Search Advertising campaigns and optimized them to increase visibility and tie performance to calls and form submissions.

We continued to optimize marketing performance through conversion rate optimization, SEO and implementing a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy using Hubspot. 

25% more website conversions after implementing a StoryBrand-inspired homepage redesign

IVF Fertility Website

The Results

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More Qualified Traffic

With no change in ad spend

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More Website Conversions

after Storybranding their website messaging

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Better Alignment

Internal teams are finally on the same page and know their messaging

The StoryBrand workshop resulted a clear message for the brand, but more importantly, alignment around that message for all the key decision makers in the practice, creating efficiency in internal production efforts.

Redesigning the homepage and implementing StoryBrand messaging, as well as simplifying the navigation and focusing the call-to-action resulted in a 25% increase in leads.

Our paid media campaign changes resulted in dramatic results, generating a 41% increase in qualified traffic for the exact same spend as the previous campaign. 

The tracking we implemented allowed us to quickly discover several critical problems with how leads were being handled that we passed along to the call center that resulted in increased lead-to-new-patient conversion rate.

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