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Brand Messaging Workshops

Do you struggle with your marketing messages? It’s essential for your medical practice to be as easily understood as possible in order to attract new patients.

Discover the story that will get more patients in a one-day work session with our experienced medical marketing strategists.

Clearly Demonstrate Value to New Customers

Unify Your Internal Teams and Messaging

Connect Your Messaging Across All Platforms

What is a Brand Messaging Workshop?

The brand messaging framework offers a proven communications methodology built around story, the most powerful tool available to compel the human brain.

The best part? You won’t spend 6 months creating hundreds of pages of marketing jargon. Instead, you’ll spend one day with our expert strategists, resulting in a one-page document that lays out each of the core elements in a narrative that is easy to understand and communicate to your customers.

What does a Brand Messaging Workshop look like?

In our one-day workshop, one of our strategists will help your leadership team define your new messaging framework and begin applying it to your brand.

First, we’ll walk you through the framework and show some examples, so that your whole team better understands the format. Then, we’ll start making decisions that will impact your messaging.

Note: Workshops are done virtually over video chat as half-day or full-day sessions.

At the end of the day, you’ll have discovered your practice’s unique brand story that will help you attract and retain patients.

StoryBrand Work Session for medical practice
Storybrand work session for healthcare group

Clarify Your Message

Discover your practice's brand story in a single day virtual workshop.


Define Your Story

Discuss your growth goals for your brand and analyze your current marketing efforts.


Create Compelling Messaging

Create your framework and implement in your marketing efforts.


Implement & Grow Your Business

Experience the benefits of clear communication, like quicker conversion and less confusion.

Partner with our strategists to apply the proven framework to your practice.