Google Listings Now Include Social Media Posts

Google Business Profile Social Media posts

It’s never been more important for your medical practice to post actively on social media. That’s because Google is now showing social media posts from linked profiles directly in your Google Business Profile listings.

What are Google Business Profile Social Posts?

Your Google Business Profile listing has always included a section with links to your social media profiles, as pictured below.

GBP social links

You can include links to profiles such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • X (Twitter)
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest

In addition to these links, a new section will now display inside your Google Business Profile called “Social Media Updates.”

Inside of this section, the latest social posts from the platforms you linked to will display. Currently, Google appears to be pulling in primarily Facebook and Instagram posts, as pictured below.

Why are GBP Social Posts Important to Your Practice?

Social media updates are an important addition to Google Business Profile posts because they provide an additional SEO signal to Google searchers. The content of your posts can include relevant keywords you want your practice to be found for. So overall, you’re increasing your Google search visibility and rankings.

In addition, the integration of social posts into Google Business Profile listings means more visibilty for the messages and content you post!

How Should Your Practice Get Started?

First, you must make sure to have your Google Business Profile medical practice listings created, claimed and built out for all your practice locations and physicians. 

Building out your GBP listing also means adding links to your social profiles. This can be done manually, but Google will also often automatically add these social links to your profile. It’s important that you check your Google Business Profile listing to make sure that any automatically added link is correct.

Once you listings are set up and the correct social platform links are added, you need to start posting regular content to them. We recommend a cadence of twice weekly. 

If you need a marketing partner to help you plan, create and post content to your social profiles, our social media posting service allows you to tap into RUNNER’s medical marketing experts to create and post across social channels. Request a no-obligation consultation to explore what a partnership with RUNNER would look like.

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