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Branding & Messaging

Are you tired of getting mixed up with your competitor down the street? Do you feel like patients just don’t get your practice?

Let us help you stand out from your competitors and let your expertise shine. 

Brand Messaging Workshops

Get your message right (the first time).

Who are you and why would a customer or patient choose you? If you can’t articulate that in 10 seconds or less, chances are that no one else can, either. 

We can help you build your messaging platform without all the fluff and agency-speak. This is your chance to clarify your message to patients once and for all in a one-day workshop with our experienced strategists. 

How we do it:

Look, we make this quick and painless.

We get in a room with you and your key decision-makers to uncover who your customer is, what they want, and how to differentiate your practice… all in one day. That’s not a typo. You walk away with clear messaging the entire team is bought in on and plans for actual marketing pieces you need.

Storybrand Work Session

Brand Identity & Logo Design

We’ve been doing this too long to be under the delusion that a logo or font choice will make or break you in the healthcare industry, but a great brand identity can go a long way in building perceived legitimacy and consumer trust, and it shouldn’t be ignored. 

From logos and letterhead to digital ad layouts, from business cards to internal brand identity guides… yes, we do all that. Looking to refresh your brand image, or maybe you’re starting a brand new practice? With branding, our goal is to help you look great and be memorable while remaining true to the reason you do what you do.

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Speak with one of our experienced medical marketers to see how we can help you meet (and even exceed) your growth goals.