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Logo Design & Brand Identity for Health Care Businesses

Looking to refresh your brand’s image, or maybe you’re starting a brand new practice? We’ll help you look great and be memorable while remaining true to the reason you do what you do.

Why should I care about my brand's design?

Consider this: your brand and logo are a unique opportunity for you to create — from scratch — a complete identity. Right now, prospective patients and referral partners have a completely blank impression of who you are and what you do. Their very first opinions about you will be formed based on what you will choose to communicate through your logo, design, text, images, and content.

Ask yourself: how do you want your practice to be perceived? What do you want people to know about your physicians? Does your logo and branding and colors and design communicate the sense of professionalism and the high-level of care that you deliver to patients? Or does it look like an afterthought?

So, stop letting an outdated or ugly design cause patients to form an incorrect impression of your business. Instead, let RUNNER’s experienced design team and creative strategic thinkers understand how to create a powerful, effective corporate identity for you.

How can RUNNER help?

Whether you’re starting a new practice, launching a new service line, or completely rebranding your health care business, RUNNER’s Brand Identity Design services can give you a compelling brand that works hand-in-hand with your overall inbound marketing strategy. Our design services include a full array of graphics and organizational tools, including:
  • Name generation
  • Company logo
  • Letterhead, business cards, and collateral design
  • Website images and photography
  • Packaging design
  • Event branding services
  • Brand communication guidelines
Want to see some examples?  Take a look at our work. Or to learn more about how to supercharge your company’s growth through expert branding, just get in touch.

Some of our brand identity work in healthcare:

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