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Increasing Appointments for High Revenue Services and Overall Aesthetic Practice Revenue

Omni Sculpt MD is a premier aesthetics practice and Med Spa in Dallas that’s highly rated, with more than 180 5-star reviews on Google.

Omni Sculpt first approached RUNNER looking for an agency to help them meet aggressive growth goals for the practice. These goals included building awareness for the practice in Dallas, increasing the number of weekly appointments and most importantly, hitting monthly practice revenue goals.

They had worked with other agencies in the past who were not able to make a direct connection between marketing efforts and new patients.

Growth Marketing Strategy Built on Website Optimization, SEO and Targeted Paid Advertising

RUNNER began our work with Omni Sculpt by implementing site optimizations to solve critical SEO issues, as well as key changes to the site experience to increase the number of site visitors who call, contact or book an appointment.

In addition, we set up Omni Sculpt with our Front Office Helper, a HIPAA-compliant CRM system that allows us to more clearly track new patient leads to understand marketing sources and lead quality. It also allowed us to begin using email and sms marketing to nurture new patient leads, as well as send email and sms marketing campaigns to existing patients.

In addition, RUNNER launched Meta advertising targeted towards Omni Sculpt’s ideal patient profile, and utilizing some of the great image and video assets the practice was creating for social media. We continue to expand our efforts into new advertising platforms.

Lastly, RUNNER built a strong partnership with Omni Sculpt through frequent communication, as well as collecting and analyzing appointment and revenue data with the practice to establish a clear connection between marketing efforts and growth goals.

The net result has been a noticeable increase in appointments from both new and existing patients, and more importantly, in practice revenue, more than 41% in the first 6 months, with no signs of slowing down.

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