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Introducing The Future of Egg and Embryo Storage

TMRW is a pioneer in the fertility industry, developing the world’s first and only automated platform for the safe management and storage of frozen eggs and embryos.

TMRW approached RUNNER because they wanted to build awareness and increase the number of clinics using their product, as well as driving more patients to clinics that already had the technology. TMRW recognized that they needed a customized marketing strategy to accomplish this objective.

Driving Interest And Capturing Leads

RUNNER developed a two-tiered strategic plan to create brand awareness with clinics in new markets, and to capture new patient leads in existing markets.

RUNNER began by building a comprehensive advertising strategy and a messaging framework with TMRW focused on the most impactful messaging to include in creative. For patients this included attention-grabbing ads educating patients on the risks of current standards for embryo and egg storage.

Both Meta and Google Ads were utilized in our digital advertising efforts. These ads sent visitors to landing pages RUNNER developed that included either the opportunity to request more information, or request an appointment using RUNNER’s Front Office Helper platform – which allowed TMRW to send any new IVF or egg freezing leads directly to the front office of each partner practice.

This comprehensive ad strategy allowed RUNNER to drive the new clinic awareness and new patient interest that TMRW was looking for.

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The Results

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Driven to TMRW partner clinics in the first 90 days
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To campaign landing pages focused on educating about TMRW

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