Getting started with inbound marketing. It's kind of like launching a rocket

Getting Started with Inbound Marketing.

At RUNNER, our goal is to help you reach your marketing goals. While other firms waste their time — and yours— chasing “shortcuts” like trying to manipulate search engines to achieve top rankings, we spend ours on things that really matter – driving traffic, generating qualified leads, creating new customers and watching sales increase.

Consider us to be the trusted digital marketing partner to your in-house marketing team. We’ll guide you through a strategic planning session in order to establish an effective 12-month inbound marketing campaign to help you achieve your business goals. It all starts with an assessment of your current website, your internal capabilities and your existing marketing efforts.

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inbound marketing versus broadcast

The Customer is Now in Control.

It’s getting harder and harder for marketers to reach potential customers via outbound marketing efforts (like print or TV ads), build credibility and trust, and then convert them into sales.

Never mind the fact that traditional channels like print, radio and TV are expensive and time-consuming—customers hate them because they’re obtrusive. The same is true about direct mail and spam emails. It’s time to get real.

inbound marketing that customers love

Give Them Marketing They’ll LOVE.

Bottom line: The game has changed. Older advertising methods that aim to “divide and conquer” customers by interrupting their lives and PUSHING a sales message onto them are ineffective because, even if you don’t believe that the customer is in control, at the very least, customers behave like they are in control.

RUNNER will show you a better way – Inbound Marketing – where we will help you develop relevant marketing campaigns that people will actually care about. Relevant and creative messages…at the optimal time using the proper channel.

Inbound Marketing brings your customers to you at just the right moment

Inbound Marketing Defined

Inbound Marketing is enabling prospects to find you online by providing valuable content that potential customers find relevant to their interests, converting those prospects to leads with premium content, and nurturing those prospects with marketing automation efforts until they are ready to make a purchase. The keyword here is inbound. They come to you, and they do it by choice.

In simpler words: marketing that customers actually LIKE.

the science of inbound marketing

The Science of Inbound Marketing with RUNNER

The most important thing to us is that your campaign is successful.

One of our Inbound Marketing Strategists will take you though an assessment to determine your needs and prescribe a plan based on your unique situation and business.

Here’s a simple breakdown of our Inbound Marketing Services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Campaign Setup
  • Drive Traffic
  • Generate Leads
  • Convert Leads to Customers
  • Reporting and Analysis

Curious what RUNNER’s Inbound Marketing consulting process feels like?


Marketing that hits your business goals

Pricing that Reflects your Goals

Our pricing for inbound marketing services is tailored to your business. While we do have some packages to choose from, no two businesses are alike and each requires a unique set of solutions.

Strategic Plans start at $5000.

A typical client of RUNNER’s is on an annual agreement and invests between $5000 and $15000/month in Inbound Marketing services.

For Campaign Development, see our standard pricing or get a custom price just for you.