How do you know whether your company needs a blog?  Or a Facebook presence?  Or an email campaign?  Or a website re-design?  In all cases, the answer is the same: you can’t know what digital marketing steps to take until you have a clear Inbound Marketing Strategy based on your company’s specific goals and unique challenges.

What’s Your Plan?

RUNNER is a different kind of digital marketing agency. If you come to us asking for a social media campaign, we’ll first want to talk about your inbound marketing strategy. If you come to us for a new website, we’re going to first talk about your inbound marketing strategy.  And if you come to us for content marketing, we’re going to talk about your inbound marketing strategy. Simply put, we don’t think you can make an effective digital marketing impact for your brand with any single tactic. These days, you’ll need a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy.

Why You Need Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is an organic approach to sales growth that recognizes the way people make buying decisions today (hint: on their terms, not yours). When you successfully integrate digital strategies like content marketing, email campaigns, and social media, you provide valuable content that your customers find relevant to their interests. This approach enables customers to find you online, converts those prospects into leads, and nurtures those leads until they are ready to make a purchase. In other words, it’s marketing that customers actually like.

We’re Here To Help

But you don’t have to figure it out alone.  RUNNER is a team of experienced, creative marketing professionals who love to dig deep into what makes a company tick. We partner with our clients to assess their current marketing efforts, define growth goals for the company, and create a custom, comprehensive Strategic Plan. Then every individual marketing initiative, from a single banner ad to a full-scale rebranding initiative, is chosen and designed specifically to serve the overall strategy.

Here’s How RUNNER Works:

We want to be your long-term inbound marketing advisor, and that means we want to get to know you first. We start with a free Marketing Assessment to get an accurate snapshot of your marketing systems, including your website, content marketing, social media efforts, and any paid search campaigns you do. Then, in a free Goal Setting Session, we dig in to define your company’s growth goals and objectives, including challenges, budget, and timeline requirements.

Are you more interested in increasing traffic to your website or curating a meaningful dialogue with your customers?  Does your target audience respond better to email marketing or Facebook campaigns?  RUNNER’s structured diagnostic tools have worked successfully for dozens of our clients to pinpoint exactly where and how digital marketing will be most effective for each particular company. With that information, we can craft a comprehensive Inbound Marketing Strategic Plan.

RUNNER wants you to succeed. Consider us the trusted digital marketing partner to your in-house marketing team. We’ll help you develop a marketing campaign that people will actually care about. We deliver relevant and creative messages, at the optimal time, using the right channel for each kind of customer.

If you’re ready to get started, just give us a call. We’d love to help your company grow.