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Helios Tele-medicine for Men

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Putting the spotlight on a more personalized men's health experience.

In a market where the word “low-T” brings to mind more infomercials than expertise, it was important that Helios, a new men’s health and hormone management telehealth startup founded by an experienced physician, was able to stand out as a true medical practice offering niche care to men suffering from hormone imbalance.

This work is still in progress – updates will be posted as progress is made. 

The founder of Helios brought RUNNER on-board to help him build his new men’s telehealth brand. 

We started by developing a logo that tied the founder’s mythological inspiration with the strong personality required of brands in the US men’s health market. 

After a thorough brand messaging workshop to make sure the value proposition was being clearly and concisely explained, we custom-designed and developed a website to help the doctor bring his professionalism and personal care to the forefront (and compete with the largely product-forward brands currently crowding the space). To make lead management as seamless as possible, the site was integrated with the practice’s ERM system, and leads will receive RUNNER’s signature patient nurturing process so they feel valued and heard.

In order to increase trust and brand recognition, we recorded a series of remote videos that drive the brand value home for use both on the website and in Helios’ paid media efforts to gain highly qualified patient prospects at the best possible price point.

Helping men live their best lives, from wherever they may be.

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