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Rethinking ER & Urgent Care Marketing to Get More Patients in Texas

Surepoint ER first approached RUNNER as they were spending heavily on advertising, but not seeing the impact they wanted on patients. They wanted an agency to dig deeper into their previous efforts and chart a new path to growth. Specifically, Surepoint was looking for analysis and recommendations for both their website and paid advertising investment. In addition, they were looking for a partner that could provide detailed reporting and meet frequently with the team to make sure that marketing efforts were having the desired impact.

A Data-Driven Approach to Targeted New Patient Advertising

RUNNER began by taking Surepoint through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, analyzing all aspects of their marketing approach, including their website, practice listings and paid advertising. This resulted in a detailed set of recommendations.

We began by making key optimizations to the Surepoint website to improve performance, improve the visitor experience and solve key SEO issues uncovered in the marketing strategy. RUNNER also set up tracking to enable better reporting around key marketing KPIs.

In addition, we re-engineered paid advertising efforts, especially in Google Search Ads, optimizing for high-intent keywords and working with Surepoint on targeting to ensure we were reaching locations that would drive patients.

Lastly, we established data sharing and reporting templates to better understand how marketing efforts were impacting patients, so we could more easily optimize. Within the first 60 days, we saw substantial results directly attributable to our marketing strategy.

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The results were apparent very quickly. Our media efforts resulted in a 56% increase of patients within the first 60 days. We continue to see increases month-over-month, with growth sustained throughout 2023.


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The Results

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