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Drive Urgent Care & ER Patients in A Competitive Market

TotalCare approached RUNNER to drive patients at a new location in a competitive market. At the time, TotalCare had an opportunity to attract new patients for diagnostic testing and other urgent and emergency care services since patients were less likely to visit hospital emergency rooms. 

They asked RUNNER to develop paid advertising strategies to drive more patients around targeted search activity around each location – especially new locations that are just beginning to grow.

Building Awareness of The TotalCare Freestanding ER Brand

The primary job of our advertising was to appeal to potential patients that TotalCare ER was near them and an option if they didn’t want to visit a traditional hospital ER. 

We created diagnostic testing specific campaigns on Facebook, as well as targeted Google Search ad campaigns directed towards the kinds of urgent care conditions and treatments that are a better fit for a freestanding ER like TotalCare.

In addition to these ad campaigns, we wanted to make sure that TotalCare locations were visible inside of local search – so we claimed and built individual location listings to make sure the information was accurate, as well as extensive as possible. This was particularly important for a freestanding ER, as we wanted to make sure that patients could easily find and identify locations as they walked in.

Our campaigns generated a large number of leads at a relatively low cost, as well as a noticeable increase in foot traffic when we began our advertising campaigns. This resulted in a 33% increase in new patients.

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