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Why We Became Runner, an Inbound Marketing Agency

You’ll notice a change if you worked with us when we were Envision Interactive or DiveBomb Media. We recently merged our two companies to create RUNNER, a strategy-driven inbound marketing firm.

RUNNER is designed and structured to do one thing: we partner with our clients on customer-driven online marketing campaigns that supercharge a company’s growth.

We Knew We Could Do Better for Our Clients

The truth is that we just weren’t satisfied with the companies that we used to be. While Envision and DiveBomb had always offered quality services in web design and social media marketing, we wanted to be more than just a vendor to our clients.

As we looked back over the work we had done over the past ten years, we were frustrated by this fragmented approach: it was unfulfilling to us to offer a one-off service like web development, and then watch our clients wander aimlessly into a complicated digital marketing landscape with no clear plan to attract and win over new customers.

It’s Time to Focus On Strategy

Successful online marketing requires a comprehensive strategy. You can’t take a scattershot approach to digital media and expect success: if you want to grow your business, you need a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy for reaching potential customers online, and you have to make sure that every technique you use – whether it’s blogging, video marketing, social media, email marketing or website redesign – serves that strategy.

All the conversations we’ve had with business owners and CMOs over the last year show that they desperately want to harness the potential of digital marketing, but don’t have the in-house time, skill, or knowledge necessary to get it done right. With a digital landscape that changes so often, with new platforms, software, social media channels, and more, it’s no wonder that they’re overwhelmed and struggling to keep up.

We Wanted to Offer a Complete Online Marketing Solution

Throughout 2013, Envision and DiveBomb did an in-depth critical analysis of what we were offering, how we were offering it, and whether that matched what our clients actually needed. We realized that fragmented services aren’t enough for clients who genuinely want to take advantage of the power of inbound marketing and experience the growth that comes with that.

While we were offering many online marketing services, from branding to content marketing to pay-per-click advertising, we weren’t integrating a comprehensive front-end strategy that would direct all these online marketing initiatives towards the same goals. Now, RUNNER delivers all those same services – and more! – but in an orchestrated fashion, with the power of a complete inbound marketing strategy behind them.

RUNNER is all about strategy-driven partnership. We become your marketing department or the digital marketing arm of your current marketing team, so you don’t have to spend your energy in frustration with the myriad components of inbound marketing. We spent a year developing our new structure and philosophy for assessing our clients’ needs and devising complete strategic marketing plans, from branding and website development to content marketing, social media, and remarketing. We’ve invested heavily in new tools to help us manage full-scale campaigns and new, like-minded team members who have a passion for driving your company forward. With a focus on proven outcomes, we’ll decode your online analytics to show how your digital marketing efforts are helping you grow.

We’ll Lift the Burden From You

RUNNER is a simple solution. We’re dedicated inbound marketing professionals who will craft an online strategy to meet your specific needs, then manage all the technical pieces of the puzzle necessary to support that strategy and drive real, measurable growth.

Do you find online marketing can be complicated and overwhelming? If so, RUNNER’s got you covered.

Reagan Judd

Reagan Judd

Co-founder & CEO

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