10 Things Patients Want From Your Medical Website

If you’re a medical professional, your “customer” base is actually made up of patients who are on a journey to solve their healthcare needs. Regardless if you’re a primary care physician, dentist, chiropractor, or orthopedic surgeon, your website needs to meet patients where they are: mid-journey.

It comes down to being helpful to them. Being the guide they seek as they ponder which back pain condition they are suffering from, or what aesthetic procedure will best help them make their skin look younger. Organizations in the healthcare industry can utilize marketing – and specifically their website – to deliver useful content and increase patient leads in the process.

Your patients are looking to you to provide them peace of mind, offer solutions to their medical problems, and be a specialist in bringing them to and keeping them in good health. Many of your website visitors are concerned or worried. This state of mind means they’re looking for a place where they feel comforted and cared for. Your website must reflect that if you want to influence their decision to become patients.

By providing them with a better online user experience and utilizing your content to show potential patients that you can expertly provide what they’re looking for, you’ll be better equipped to convert them into leads.

10 Things Patients Want From Your Medical Website

If your website isn’t verifiably producing new leads for you, there are ways to change the tide. Including these items on your site will help you better connect with those patients looking for helpful info, and increase the number of patients who want to use your services.

Here are 10 things patients want from your medical website:

1. Accolades

Like putting your diploma or a coach’s championship trophy on display in the office, adding your accomplishments to your website is a great way to establish credibility. This is proof of your credentials and experience and your successes in the field and shows how committed you are to bringing patients the best care they can find.

2. Testimonials

When researching a medical care provider, people want to know what previous patients have to say about the physician in question. They’re looking for people who can relate to them and their concerns and proof that this is a valuable resource to seek care. These testimonials will influence your audience’s overall impression and help them associate your organization with success and expertise. Give them real patients, real stories on paper with pictures (and video is better).

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3. Helpful Info on Their Condition

We live in an “information-now” world. When people have a health concern, they want answers faster than you can give them. But you can certainly steer them in the right direction. By giving them expert-prepared information on their possible medical condition, self-diagnosis tools, etc., you’ll establish yourself as a leader in the field and also make them want to become your patient.

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4. Empathy

Patients want health care professionals who are on their side. To show that you are, put yourself in their shoes. Then be personable toward them with your medical website content. A humanistic approach to patient care and practicing medicine will earn you points in the eyes of the potential patient.

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5. Treatment Options

A lot of times, people that aren’t patients yet already want to know what potential options there are to treat the possible conditions they have. They’re asking, “What treatments are available to me?” By going in-depth here, you’re showing that you are an expert who is going to do whatever is in your power to bring them a solution. This will make people want to choose you to be the one that offers those treatments.

6. A Personal Connection

With whom will I meet? A doctor? A physician’s assistant? People need to feel connected and prepared. Any reason to seek medical care is an important one. They want doctors with who they feel comfortable with to treat them. Establish this upfront on your medical website, and you’re taking early strides toward converting them into one of your patients.

7. Straightforward Insurance Info

Few people can afford to pay out of pocket for procedures, so answering their questions about insurance early will save everyone some time. Do you accept Medicare? Medicaid? Be upfront and transparent. They’ll need to know this information and will appreciate you for providing it.

8. Contact Options

Patients want more than one way to connect. Don’t trap them by limiting the means they can get in touch with you. The easier they can get ahold of you, the more likely they’ll want you to treat them. Provide phone, email, chat, social networks other means on your site and make it easy to find. The most advanced practice is outsourcing patient intake duties to a patient contact center like Runner.

9. A First Step to Take

Patients want to feel better as soon as possible, so we shouldn’t leave them hanging. Give them an easy-access avenue to care right there on your site. Provide them with a call-to-action like a free MRI review, office visit, or phone consultation with one of your experts. This will get people to you more efficiently.

10. Location Info

Offer up your location and some detail on how to find you. This is an opportunity to give them as much information as possible. Are you close by? What areas are you in close proximity to? Is your office in a big building on the upper floor? Why should I travel to your office? Do offer hotel or auto accommodations to out-of-town patients? A small paragraph answering these questions will show patients that you want to be as convenient as possible.


Every healthcare provider wants to bring in more patients. By appealing to online visitors with personable, solutions-based content on your medical website, your office will be well on its way to scheduling more appointments.

If you need help from a professional website development company like us, contact RUNNER for a free consultation to find solutions that are right for you.

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