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Why Google Killing “Last Click” Attribution Takes Marketing Intelligence to the Next Level

Earlier this summer, at Google’s Google Marketing Next event, the company announced plans to phase out last-click attribution by the end of the year, and bring focus to Google Attribution, a multi-channel, totalitarian model.

For marketers, this is a good thing. Really, it’s a great thing. And, it is long overdue.

By eliminating a singular focus on the last consumer touchpoint, and taking into account the ENTIRE consumer journey with a brand,

Chrome SSL 'Not Secure' Examples

No SSL Certificate On Your Website? Here’s Why That Could Be Terrible For Your Inbound Marketing

Hint: Google Ain’t Playin’ Around No More

After months of warnings, and most recently, mass email notifications, the October launch of Google’s fight against websites without SSL certificates is almost here. If you’re wondering what that means, it’s basically Google’s way of trying to make the internet a safer place by putting added pressure on businesses to encrypt their websites and provide more security for their visitors.

Win deals and Save Money with the right CRM, RUNNER Agency, A Dallas Inbound Marketing Agency

Without a CRM, You’re Losing Deals and Wasting Marketing Dollars


Work Smarter and Win more Deals with the Right CRM Tool for Your Company


What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. And, CRM tools do just that. They allow you to maintain detailed records of your customers and potential customers, keeping all of their contact, opportunity (deal) and behavioral information in one location.

Within your CRM, you should be able to tell when Joe Smith first became a prospect,

Email Marketing for Inbound Marketing Success

Why Email is (Still) Your Single Greatest Determinant for Inbound Marketing Success

Historically, email as a marketing tactic has enjoyed significant highs and significant lows. People, and marketers, in particular, have used and abused email as a way to communicate with their perceived target audience.  But, for marketers practicing inbound marketing campaigns, email can be one of your best tools.

Those who employ bad marketing tactics send mass emails with vague, impersonal messages and little to no value.  Seasoned, more experienced marketing teams,


13 User Experience Tactics to Make Your Website More Engaging

The look and feel of your website is the very first impression a customer has upon reaching your homepage – are you comfortable with what they see?

Creative website enhancements may sound daunting, but whether you’re an ecommerce brand with an extensive website, or a local B2B company with a website that serves your customer’s basic needs, a website redesign project needs a cohesive plan in order to reach your company’s marketing and sales initiatives.

Inbound Marketing Yields Positive ROI

Inbound Marketing Yields Positive ROI… And We Can Prove It

As we’ve transitioned into the digital age, marketing has changed. And that can be scary for some — especially for those attached to the old way of doing things. Yet, one need only look at consumer buying habits to know which kind of approach is the most fruitful for businesses.

The writing is on the wall. Inbound marketing is the way to go.

But how do we know this is the case?


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