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ER & Urgent Care marketing

The Complete Guide to Urgent Care Marketing Strategy

The location of your ER or Urgent Care shouldn’t be your only marketing strategy. If you’re not investing in digital marketing, you’re missing out on key marketing opportunities that can grow your practice. And with ER and Urgent Care competition

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5 Debunked Medical SEO Myths

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a primary long-term marketing strategy for many medical practices. Yet a successful SEO approach for medical practices is different than other industries. But just like any SEO, not all traffic will turn into patients.

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Doctor holding a Facebook ad

Facebook Ads for Medical Practices [16 Best Examples]

Introduction Facebook ads are an essential strategy for medical practice marketing. However, success requires the right creative approach. This post will showcase 16 examples of Facebook ads for medical practices – each illustrating a best practice or creative strategy that

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TikTok Ads for Healthcare

TikTok Advertising for Healthcare – A Guide

TikTok has quickly taken it’s place in the top 5 social media platforms globally, with more than 1 billion active users worldwide. More importantly, it is by FAR, the most engaging social app, with users spending much more time than

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