Facebook Ads for Medical Practices [16 Best Examples]

Facebook Ads for Medical Practices [14 Best Examples]


Facebook ads are an essential strategy for medical practice marketing. However, success requires the right creative approach. This post will showcase 16 examples of Facebook ads for medical practices – each illustrating a best practice or creative strategy that we’ve seen drive higher performance for doctors.

Facebook Ads for Medical Practices [16 Best Examples]

1. Use Video Where Possible

If you can run video for your Facebook ads for doctors, you should. Most marketers agree that video performs better than static images because it’s better at capturing attention quickly in the Facebook feed, and it’s better at telling a story.

As a result, marketers often see 2x the click-through rate and higher conversions when using video.

These ads for the Bonati Spine Institute are a great example because they allow Bonati to explain the rich history behind the brand.

Bonati Spine Institute Facebook Ad

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2. Fill Up The Screen

Make sure you take up all the real estate in your medical practice Facebook ads. Always make sure your images or videos are square or vertical, rather than horizontal, to take up the entire screen of a mobile phone.

In this example, Modern Fertility uses a vertical format, even with video.

Modern Fertility Facebook Ad

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3. Highlight Multiple Conditions or Treatments

While the rule of thumb is to focus on a single message in your Facebook ad, some ads allow you to highlight multiple messages — these ads are called “carousel ads.” We’ve seen medical practices use them successfully.

In this example, Alpine Orthopaedic Specialists uses a Facebook carousel ad to highlight multiple service lines.

Alpine Orthopaedic Specialists Facebook Ad

4. Promote Patient Testimonial Videos

Patient testimonials are perhaps the most powerful message to deliver in Facebook ads for doctors. They provide the social proof that elicits a response. And the best way to tell these patients’ stories is through video.

In this example, Everlywell uses patient video testimonials to showcase their at-home food sensitivity diagnostic testing.

Everlywell Facebook Ad

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5. Showcase Patient Reviews

Creating compelling patient testimonials in your Facebook ads is still possible when you don’t have videos. Instead, you can use the written reviews through your practice listings on Google or other physician review platforms like Healthgrades.

Parsley Health visualizes these reviews in their practice Facebook Ads in this example.

Parsley Health Facebook Ad

6. Announce New Locations or Physicians

It would be best if you used Facebook ads for medical practices to let current or potential patients know about the essential practice announcements. Especially a new location you open or a new physician you add to the practice.

In this Facebook ad for Caremount Medical, a video ad introduces a new physician to the practice.

Caremount Medical Facebook Ad

7. “Brand” Campaign

Remember that Facebook ads are also a powerful way to build your practice brand. The best Facebook ad strategies will include “brand” campaigns whose only purpose is to introduce your brand to potential patients.

In this Facebook ad example for Panorama Summit Orthopedics, their “team you” campaign communicates their quality of care. In addition, it connects with the outdoor pursuits their potential patients enjoy, so the brand will be top-of-mind when the time comes.

Panorama Summit Orthopedics Facebook Ad

8. Special Offers

There may be special offers in some medical practice specialties that are key to driving more patient leads. It’s important to rotate this into your creative mix. A great offer can sometimes be the thing that motivates a patient to book an appointment finally.

Don’t mask an offer for something else – make it clear about the offer. For example, in this Facebook ad for LiveVibrant Wellness, the offer is clear. The bold colors make the ad noticeable.
LiveVibrant Wellness Facebook Ad

9. Use of Illustration

One great way to make your Facebook stand out is to incorporate illustration into the ad, rather than relying on photography. For example, in this Facebook ad for Chicago Sports & Spine, photography and illustration are merged into each ad, focusing on specific conditions. As a result, they stand out in the crowded social feed.

Chicago Sports & Spine Facebook Ad

10. Explore CTAs

Instead of defaulting to a “learn more” call to action, it’s essential to experiment with what will drive new patient leads for your practice. Facebook ads for doctors can be creative, as evidenced by this ad for Boston Scientific, which asks potential patients to take a quiz. We know from experience that this can be a great way to drive leads when a patient may not yet be ready to book an appointment. Rather than just capturing lead information, the quiz can also be educational.

Boston Scientific Facebook Ad

11. Use Compelling Stats

Statistics are also a great way to prove authority in Facebook ads. Showcasing a statistic in your practice Facebook ads is a great way to break through the clutter. In this ad for hims, the statistic lets the potential patient know they’re not alone. Still, it’s also a bridge towards seeking treatment.

hims Facebook Ad

12. Use Bright Colors

Most medical practices aren’t great at using bold colors. As a result, there’s often a sea of sameness in visual identity, with muted colors such as blues. But in the social feed on places like Facebook, bold and bright colors are a way to make your ad stand out.

In this ad from Labcorp, bold colors are used to draw attention to the ad. Even the most “boring” businesses can benefit from a strong visual identity.

Labcorp Facebook Ad

13. Create A Powerful Tagline

It generally takes multiple times for someone to see your Facebook ad to take action. Therefore, the more memorable your ad is, the more likely a potential patient will remember your practice brand. One great way to achieve this is through a tagline. Don’t think about the message of your ad. Instead, think more broadly about a way to communicate what your brand stands for.

I love this example from telehealth provider MDLive. The tagline “now. that’s better.” communicates what they do but is also catchy enough to be memorable.

MDLive Facebook Ad

14. Showcase awards

If you’ve received awards, showcase them in your Facebook ads. While you don’t want all your ads to be focused on recognition, don’t be afraid to promote your accomplishments in the mix. They will help build authority with potential patients.

This ad from Teladoc is an excellent example of a well-designed ad that builds authority for the practice.

Teladoc Facebook Ad

15. Promote Telehealth Options

If you offer telehealth, make sure that both existing patients know you offer it, and that potential new patients know it’s an option. 

This ad example from the VA promotes the option for telehealth, but more importantly, the benefits.

Telehealth Ads


16. Celebrity Endorsements

What’s better at building credibility than a patient testimonial? A celebrity patient testimonial. 

If you have the endorsement of a celebrity patient, work with them to use that endorsement in your Facebook ads.

Centinel Spine has done a great job of this, particularly with golf stars like Tiger Woods.

Celebrity endorsement ads


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Building a Facebook Ads Strategy for Medical Practices

The above examples provide an excellent roadmap to keep in mind while building Facebook Ads for your medical practices. In the last 15 years of working with medical practices, we’ve learned that your paid advertising strategy is often one of the most important aspects of creating a plan for Facebook ads.

This starts with having clear objectives for your ads and making critical decisions about targeting and the conditions and treatments you want to prioritize. Request a consultation if you’d like to speak with a RUNNER medical marketing expert about your Facebook ads strategy.

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