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An updated look for an updated lead gen strategy.

DSS Research came to RUNNER for a new website and a lead generation program to supplement their aggressive outbound sales efforts, and then they needed help setting up a marketing automation system that would allow their sales team to effectively nurture leads. 

  • INDUSTRY: B2B Healthcare Technology & Surveys
  • LOCATION: Ft. Worth, TX
  • SERVICES: Web Development, Paid Media, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation System Setup and Consulting
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Full-funnel lead generation consulting.

DSS thought their website looked antiquated, so RUNNER started by giving their logo a very subtle facelift to make the brand more modern-looking without the challenges and timeline often associated with a brand new logo. 

We then extended that updated branding through a custom-designed and rearchitected (and award-winning) website. 

We then created new lead generation content, with updated whitepapers and website content to both drive website traffic and serve as landing pages for the PPC and social media advertising campaigns

Finally, we set up and trained their team on the HubSpot marketing automation system so their team had all the tools available to them to make the most of the new leads generated by outbound and inbound marketing efforts. 

In the end, DSS was happy to share with the world that they were acquired by SPH Analytics. 

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